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Vivid Fantasy PET Sticker

Sale price$4.00 USD
Style:1.Dream Garden
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The Vivid Fantasy PET Material Sticker collection is a testament to diverse styles and exquisite craftsmanship. This exquisite assortment presents 24 sheets per pack, each measuring 68 x 95 mm (2.7 × 3.7 inches), and adorned with six enchanting and unique designs. Crafted with a harmonious blend of specialty paper and PET material, these sheets feature holographic hot stamping that lends an ethereal touch to your creative projects.

Unleash your imagination with the captivating Vivid Fantasy PET Material Decorative Paper collection.Featuring a self-adhesive backing, the PET material ensures these sheets are versatile companions suitable for an array of collage scenes. The fusion of premium paper quality and intricate foil stamping craftsmanship adds depth and dimension to each sheet, capturing the very essence of dreams and fantasies.

As you explore the captivating styles—Dream Garden, Parallel World, Moonlit Stardust, Flowing Lights Dream, Starry Wishes, and Stars and Moon—you'll find the perfect touch of magic to infuse into your projects. Elevate your creative ventures with the Vivid Fantasy PET Material Decorative Paper, where reality meets imagination and every sheet radiates with the allure of the fantastical.

Product Details
◎Material: Specialty paper + PET
◎Quantity: 24 pcs/pack (6 designs)
◎Size: 68 x 95 mm / 2.7 × 3.7 inches
◎Technology:Holographic hot stamping
◎Package Size: 135 x 82 mm / 5.3 × 3.2 inches

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