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Victorian Era Costume Material Papers
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Victorian Era Costume Material Papers

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Welcome to the world of Vintage Victorian Fashion Illustrations, where 24 exquisite material papers present the charm of bygone eras through fashionable ladies showcasing their elegant attire.

Each page captures the essence of the Victorian era with its intricate illustrations of stylish women dressed in period costumes. The artistry of these fashion plates will transport you to a time of sophistication and grace.

These decorative papers feature captivating sketches of Victorian dresses, beautifully complemented by the vintage-style typography that adorns the bottom of each illustration. The combination of art and text creates a truly authentic representation of the past.

Delve into the world of Victorian fashion as you explore the meticulous details of each costume, reflecting the unique styles and trends of the era. Whether you're an artist, a history enthusiast, or simply drawn to the elegance of the past, these material papers are a treasure trove of inspiration.

These vintage Victorian fashion plates are perfect for various creative projects, such as art journaling, collage-making, card crafting, and more. Embrace the grace and glamour of a bygone era as you infuse your artistic endeavors with the timeless beauty of these decorative papers.

Unlock a world of creativity and immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Victorian fashion with these stunning material sheets. Let the elegance of the past inspire your artistic journey and add a touch of sophistication to your creative expressions. Experience the allure of vintage fashion with each delightful illustration and create your own artistic masterpieces with these captivating Victorian dress designs.

Attention: To ensure the completeness of the pattern, a white border is left when cropping.

Product Details
◎Material: Dowling paper
◎Quantity: 24 sheets
◎Size: 135 × 95 mm / 5.3 × 3.7 inches
Paper Weight: 120 g/m²