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Custom Wedding Rubber Stamp (27 Designs)-3
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Custom Wedding Rubber Stamp (27 Designs)

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Introducing the elegant Custom Wedding Rubber Stamp, designed to infuse a personal touch into your wedding invitations, envelopes, favors, and gifts. Boasting 27 sophisticated designs, including floral motifs, birds, characters, rings, and more, this exquisite rubber stamp collection embodies both elegance and simplicity. Every design will make rapid and distinctive impressions, creating a stunning and memorable addition to your wedding day.

Select from two material options: classic wooden or modern acrylic, according to your taste. To enhance the charm of your creations, pair your stamp with a heartfelt greeting card and a high-quality ink pad. Our Oil-Based Fabric Ink Pad guarantees sharp, clear impressions on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, wood, fabric, plastic, and glass. This stamp allows for quick and consistent applications, creating a breathtaking and unforgettable element for your special day.

If you can't find a design that captures your heart, don't worry! Our Fully Custom Wooden Rubber Stamps offer the option to personalize your stamp with your own unique artwork.

Product Details
Please choose the design you like from the 27 designs and provide us with your custom names and wedding date.
◎Rubber Stamp
Size: Ranging from 2.5cm / 1" to 20cm / 8", square, 15 sizes
Material: Beech Wood / Acrylic+ Rubber
◎Ink Pad
Color: 12 colors
Ink: Oil-based ink(Can leave a clear pattern on any paper, wood, fabric, even plastic, and glass.)
Size: 95 × 55mm / 3.7 × 2.2"
Material: Kraft
Color: 8 colors
Size: 114 × 162mm / 4.5 × 6.4"