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Transparent DIY Embossing Watermark Ink Pad

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This transparent DIY embossing versamark watermark ink pad can attach embossing powder to stabilize the stamped image. The ink pad itself is close to colorless and transparent and has a shallow watermark effect after drying, hence get the name watermark stamp pad. It is recommended to use it with gold, silver, white, and other opaque embossing powders.

Instructions & Notes:
1. Be sure to pat the ink evenly on the stamp when using it, and start to stamp the image until the stamp is evenly colored. Sprinkle the embossing powder on the stamped image before the ink dried, and then heat it after removing the excess powder.
2. This kind of ink can be washed with water and easily wiped with a wet wipe if it's on the stamps ( but it may not be washed off on clothes).
3. The embossing powder may not be pasted on paper because of the paper material, such as inkjet printer paper, etc. Please try it out before using it.
4. If the ink gets into the eyes or gets on the skin, rinse it with water immediately.
5. This ink pad is used to enhance the effect of the stamped image and cannot be used as an ordinary ink pad.

Product Details
◎Ink: Water-based ink
◎Color: colorless
◎Size: 57 × 97mm / 2.2 × 3.8"

2Transparent DIY Embossing VersaMark Watermark Ink Pad