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Translucent Tracing Paper

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This translucent tracing paper is made from long-fiber wood pulp with strong penetrability. Transparent and clear, special for hand-painted. When you make art journal tracing, you can easily see the bottom layer when using it. Impervious to ink, no scratch paper, strong toughness, smooth writing. It has good flexibility, high folding endurance, and tensile strength.

Product Details
◎Material: tracing paper
◎Size: 210 x 297mm / 8.3 x 11.7" (A4)
◎Paper Weight: 70g (grams per square meter)

1Translucent Tracing Paper
3Translucent Tracing Paper1
3Translucent Tracing Paper2
3Translucent Tracing Paper3
3Translucent Tracing Paper4
3Translucent Tracing Paper5
4Translucent Tracing Paper