Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp a
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b5
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b2
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b1
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b3
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b4
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b6
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp b7
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp sku-1
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp sku-2
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp sku-3
Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp sku-4

Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp

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With our Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack - Note, Poster, Stamp, you may unleash your inner artist. This hand-picked selection of 100 items is a monument to the art of storytelling and expression. These materials are painstakingly crafted from a combination of coated paper, tracing paper, ivory board, and kraft paper to infuse your projects with a vintage charm that is absolutely charming.

Our Scrapbook Paper Pack offers an array of sizes and materials, from the 180 x 130 mm (7.1 × 5.1 inches) coated paper to the 85 x 85 mm (3.3 × 3.3 inches) self-adhesive stickers, each piece inviting you to let your creativity flow. In addition to these treasures, we've included 50 die-cut stickers to enhance your projects. These stickers are more than embellishments; they are the keys to unlocking a world of artistic possibilities.

The richness it adds to your projects is what really distinguishes this collection. The assortment of materials creates a rich tapestry for your journaling, scrapbooking, and crafting projects. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a novice to the world of DIY, our Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack allows you to tell tales, cherish memories, and develop your artistic side in your own unique style. Your designs will be as clear and vibrant as your imagination thanks to matte printing and precision die-cutting technology.

Product Details
◎Material: Coated paper + Tracing paper +  Ivory board   + Kraft
◎Quantity: 100 pcs/pack
180 × 130 mm / 7.1 × 5.1 inches(Coated Paper × 10 )
160 × 110 mm / 6.3 × 4.3 inches(Parchment Paper × 10 )
140 × 95 mm / 5.5 × 3.7 inches(White Kraft Paper × 10 )
125 × 75 mm / 4.9 × 3 inches(Coated Paper × 10 )
Special Shaped Ivory board × 5
85 × 85 mm / 3.3 × 3.3 inches(Coated Paper × 5 )
Within 60 × 60 mm / 2.4 × 2.4 inches(Self-adhesive Sticker × 50 )
◎Technology: Matte Printing + Die-Cutting
◎Package Size: 180 x 130 mm / 7.1 × 5.1 inches

1Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp
2Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp1
3Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp1
3Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp2
3Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp3
4Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp2
4Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp3
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp1
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp2
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp3
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp4
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp5
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp6
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp7
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp8
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp9
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp10
5Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp11
6Shaped Scrapbook Paper Pack- Note, Poster, Stamp1