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Milk Tea Drink Bubble Tea Sticker

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Introducing our milk tea drink bubble tea sticker, crafted from premium and eco-friendly coated paper with exceptional printing quality and vivid colors. Each pack includes 120 stickers with unique and intricate drink designs that can be used time and time again thanks to their strong adhesive properties. Our stickers are portable and easy to use, just peel off the backing and apply to any surface for an instant transformation.

Versatile in use, these stickers are perfect for embellishing journals, scrapbooks, greeting cards, invitations, envelopes, and gift wrappings, as well as personalizing your phone case, cups, skateboards, refrigerators, and other everyday items. They are the perfect accessory to make your holidays extra special. Get your hands on these must-have drink stickers today and elevate your creative projects to the next level!

Product Details
◎Material: Coated paper
◎Quantity: 120 pcs/pack
◎Sticker Size: 10 ~ 50mm / 0.4 ~ 2.0"
◎Technology: Die-Cutting

2Milk Tea Gourmet Beverage Sticker