Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker a
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker b2
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker b
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker b3
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker b4
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker b5
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker c
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Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker sku-4
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker sku-5
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Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker sku-7
Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker sku-8

Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker

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Style:1. Splendid Rose
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Our Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Stickers will up your crafting and decorating game. These stickers are intended to provide an air of sophistication and beauty to any project. They make a striking statement with their large size of 165 x 55 mm (6.5 2.2 inches) and exquisite lace designs.

What sets these stickers apart is their hot stamping technology. Depending on the angle of light, they reflect a mesmerizing array of colors, adding a dynamic and eye-catching element to your creations. Whether you're working on scrapbooking, card-making, or any DIY project, these stickers are a perfect choice to infuse a bit of magic.

These stickers are crafted from PET material, making them waterproof and exceptionally durable. The adhesive backing ensures easy application; simply peel off the backing and stick them to your chosen surface. From vibrant roses to delicate daisies, our Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Stickers come in a variety of floral designs, allowing you to create beautiful and captivating scenes.

Product Details
◎Material: PET
◎Quantity: 10 pcs/pack (5 designs)
◎Sticker Size: Within 165 x 55 mm / 6.5 × 2.2 inches
◎Technology: Hot Stamping  + Die-Cutting
◎Package Size: 210 x 75 mm / 8.3 × 3 inches

1Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker
2Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker1
3Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker1
4Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker1
4Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker2
5Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker1
5Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker2
5Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker3
5Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker4
5Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker5
5Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker6
6Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker1
6Lace Flower Decorative Hot Stamping PET Sticker2