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High Density Cork Board

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Size:1. 50mm×50mm/ 2.0"× 2.0"
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Discover the versatile High Density Cork Board, ideal for a variety of applications, including rubber stamp and transparent stamp handles. Made from compressed wood chips, this cork board offers a perfect balance of softness and sturdiness, ensuring even pressure when stamping. Available in three convenient sizes, it's easy to cut with a utility knife and delivers a uniform thickness, color, and refreshing surface. With tightly compacted particles and superior density, our cork board resists chipping when cut, and its edges can be effortlessly polished with sandpaper.

Product Details
◎Material: High-density cork board
50mm×50mm/ 2.0"× 2.0"
150mm×100mm/ 5.9"× 3.9"
200mm×150mm/ 7.9"× 5.9"

1High Density Cork Board
2High Density Cork Board
3High Density Cork Board1
3High Density Cork Board2
4High Density Cork Board1