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Christmas Rolled Labels Sticker

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Introducing our Christmas Rolled Labels Sticker, a delightful union of festive flair and practical elegance. This roll of 250 stickers, crafted from premium coated paper, features six unique designs that capture the spirit of the season. With a sticker size of 75 x 50 mm, each label is a canvas of holiday charm, brought to life through the precision of Matte Printing and Die-Cutting technology. This roll sticker is a celebration of convenience and style, making it an ideal choice for adorning gift bags, presents, and festive decorations. The die-cut process ensures easy tear-off, creating rectangular stickers that are not only large but also perfectly suited for a variety of holiday applications.

Embrace the joy of giving with these Christmas Rolled Labels Stickers, where the festive designs and practical roll format come together to elevate your holiday celebrations. Let every tear reveal a rectangular piece of seasonal magic, ready to enhance your gifts with a touch of holiday enchantment.

Product Details

◎Material: Coated paper
◎Quantity: 250 pcs/roll (6 designs)
◎Sticker Size: 75 x 50 mm / 3 × 2 inches
◎Technology: Matte Printing + Die-Cutting

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