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Cat Wax Seal Stamp

Sale price$24.00
  • Cats have been the subject of legend and are a favorite subject of artists and writers for over 9,500 years. How cute it would be to have the image of your furry friends on your projects and gifts!

    ◎24 DESIGNS to choose from. Didn't find the desired design? We can also make custom design wax seal stamps with your artwork.

    ◎4 HEAD SIZES: 25mm (1"), 30mm (1.18"), 35mm (1.38") and 40mm (1.57") in diameter. 25mm and 30mm are more commonly used; 35mm and 40mm for high detail arts.

    ◎6 HANDLE STYLES: simple, bamboo, classical, silver, gold, and copper(35mm and 40mm stamps are only available in gold, black, fancy, and walnut handles. If you choose other colors, we will replace them with gold handle).

    ◎OPTIONAL: multicolor sealing wax beads and sticks to buy together with.

    ◎OPTIONAL: melting furnaces of various styles to buy together with. Keep your hands free.

    ◎OPTIONAL: 6 colors highlighting ink pads to buy together with to bring out your design.

    ◎If this will be a gift to someone you love, make it extra special with our exquisite gift box and premium gift wrap. The size of the gift box will be adapted to the items you are purchasing.