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Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker

Sale price$6.50 USD
Style:1. Wardrobe
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Step into a world of creative play with our Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Stickers. Crafted on specialty paper, this set of 10 stickers invites you to unleash your imagination and personalize the adorable cartoon girl designs with various clothing, hairstyles, and scenes. The stickers utilize a synthetic paper PET backing, ensuring strong adhesion and easy hand-tearing. With freedom to trim without templates, you can customize your designs to perfectly fit your preferences. These stickers aren't just fun to play with; they're also ideal for journal coordination and adding a touch of cuteness to your creative projects.

Designed with a keen focus on personalization, these stickers provide abundant options to adorn the cartoon girl's attire, hairstyles, and accessories. From tops to pants, hats to shoes, the possibilities are endless. The charming designs and clear imagery make these stickers a delightful addition to any journal or craft project, allowing you to infuse your creativity with a touch of playfulness.

Available in two style options—Wardrobe and Dressing Room—these stickers invite you to create and express your style. The set contains 10 sheets of stickers, providing you with an array of clothing styles to beautifully complement your journals, scrapbooks, and creative endeavors.

Product Details
◎Material: Specialty paper
◎Quantity: 10 pieces
◎Sticker Size: 124 x 180 mm / 4.9 × 7.1 inches
◎Technology: 4-Color Process Printing
◎Package Size: 225 x 130 mm / 8.9 × 5.1 inches

1Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker
2Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker
3Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker1
3Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker2
3Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker3
5Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker1
5Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker2
5Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker3
5Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker4
5Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker5
6Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker1
6Cartoon Girl Dress-Up Sticker2