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Rabbit and Nature Cartoon Scrapbook Kit

Sale price$45.00
SKU: P3968-00001
Color:1. Tulip
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Step into the enchanting world of creativity with our Cartoon Bunny Scrapbook Kit. This delightful set is designed to ignite your artistic spirit, making it a perfect choice for artists, crafters, and journaling enthusiasts of all levels. With a charming spiral-bound notebook at its core, this kit offers you the opportunity to bring your visions to life on its high-quality, smooth pages.

The notebook features a loose-leaf design, allowing for easy page replacement. This ensures that you have the freedom to create and express without limitations, making it an ideal canvas for your artistic endeavors. You'll also find six rolls of tape in the kit, each offering 2 meters (6.6 feet) of tape with delightful patterns that will infuse your projects with charm.

But the appeal of this kit doesn't stop there. It also includes two magnetic bookmarks, ensuring that you never lose your place in your notebook. With their adorable designs, these bookmarks are not only functional but also add a touch of whimsy to your reading and writing experience.

The Cartoon Bunny Scrapbook Kit isn't just about paper and tape; it includes a pencil sharpener for your drawing needs. And to add a dash of nature to your creative process, the kit even provides you with Love Grass.

With four charming style options to choose from, including Tulip, Hydrangea, Rose, and Lily of the Valley, you can express your creativity in the manner that suits you best. This kit is perfect for gifting, personal use, or simply elevating your craft and journaling game. Dive into the world of art with the Cartoon Bunny Scrapbook Kit today.

Package includes products:
1.Spiral-bound Notebook (1 piece)

2.Tape (6 rolls)
◎ Length: 2 m / 6.6 feet
◎ Pattern Repeat Length: 200mm / 7.9 inches

3.Magnetic Bookmarks (2 pieces): 100 x 18 mm / 3.9 × 0.7 inches

4.Pencil Sharpener (1 piece)

5.Love Grass

Gift Box: 256 x 244 mm / 10.1 × 9.6 inches

1Cartoon Bunny Scrapbook Kit
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3Cartoon Bunny Scrapbook Kit1
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