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Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album

Sale price$29.40
SKU: P2702-00001
Color:1. Byebye
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Get ready to indulge in cuteness and keep your cherished memories safe with the Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album. This delightful mini card storage bag features a multi-page design with 30 card slots, allowing you to store and organize your small photos, star cards, and instant prints. With 15 double-sided single-grid inner pages, you have ample space to showcase your precious memories.

The Mini Plush Album comes with additional goodies to enhance your experience. It includes four frame decoration stickers, one ID card, one plush hanging ornament, one three-grid sticker sheet, and one photo sticker sheet. The top-opening design with a large-sized storage bag accommodates 8.9 cm photos, star cards, and Instax prints, providing a convenient and stylish solution for your precious memories.

The album features high-definition inner pages and a double-sided single-grid design, allowing you to display your favorite moments with clarity and precision. The replaceable page rings offer flexibility to add or remove pages as needed, adapting to your evolving collection of memories. The album is designed with tempting pockets for easy swapping, ensuring that you can update and personalize your album effortlessly.

The Mini Plush Album boasts a soft and plushy texture, adding a touch of comfort and charm. The plush hanging ornament attached to the album adds an adorable element to your storage solution. It comes in two delightful styles, Byebye and Tutu, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with your personal taste.

Product Details
◎Cover Material: Plush + PP
◎Cover Size: 126 × 145 mm / 5.0 × 5.7 inches
Inside Material: PVC
◎Page Size: 69 × 94 mm / 2.7 × 3.7 inches
◎Pages: 30 pages (15 sheets)
◎Binding Method: Loose-leaf binding
◎Quantity: 1 piece

1Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album
2Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album
3Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album1
3Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album2
3Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album3
3Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album4
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5Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album1
5Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album2
6Byebye&Tutu Series Mini Plush Album1