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Things to Avoid while You are Designing Your Custom Rubber Stamp Seal

Do you know what should be avoided to make a perfect custom rubber stamp seal for a business? Here is some advice provided by the custom stamp makers' websites helping design a professional rubber stamp.
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If you have started a new business anytime soon, then among the few mandatory things, one will be to look out for custom rubber stamps for sale. You might have been asked to stamp your official registration documents with your brand's stamp seal. It is important, as with the stamps, your documents will then be authenticated. 

But people who are not much aware of essential design elements for a custom rubber stamp seal mostly make certain mistakes while designing one. So, this article is about giving you an insight into the things you must avoid in designing stamps. 

  1. Don't Go for Extremely Smaller Font Sizes

When you head out to the website of rubber stamp makers, you have the option to custom-design it yourself for your brand. In that pursuit, you think of feeding in as much information as you want to the stamp seal and reducing the font sizes to accommodate them. 

But that shouldn't be the case, as your stamp conveys some crucial information for the clients, authorities or concerned people to follow. If the fonts are too small, it creates a bad impression on your brand. The way out of it is to go with limited yet crucial information about your brand on the rubber stamp seal and keep the font size above 7-point at all times. 

  1. Don't Set Text within a Typeface

Serif typeface fonts are not recommended for use by professional rubber stamp makers. For instance, a serif typeface font such as Times New Roman, with a small line at each stroke's end. It becomes inappropriate for a stamp because it might result in a loss of details due to those small lines. The best fonts to use for a rubber stamp are Calibri or Arial. 

  1. Don't Leave Large Block Colored Areas in the Design

Large block-colored areas over the stamp design will result in rubber dye picking up those colors and imprinting them on the areas that don't have any colors. For instance, if you have filled your stamp's background with an ink color while the text is blank, the stamp results might also have a color spread on the text area. This might not look good in the official documents. 

  1. Don't Go too Much for Design Details

While looking for customer rubber stamps for sale, remember that they won't give you a print-like outcome on paper. Therefore, adding minute elements to the limited space over a stamped seal will only clutter the design and make it look bad on the paper when stamped. 


So, this clearly explains what you should do and implement to design a perfect rubber stamp seal that would authenticate documents with your branding. These are small design mistakes you can avoid and ensure you create brand impressions by stamping out the official documents. 

Most custom stamp makers' websites have specified the limits of their customizing features to ensure you don't make these mistakes.