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Gem $2.00
 Tape Mystery boxTape Mystery box1
Tape Mystery box
Udsalgspris$13.00 USD Normal pris$15.00 USD
Halloween Blod Red Tape Sæt
Udsalgspris$12.00 USD
Pastoral Flower Washi Tape Sæt
Udsalgspris$10.80 USD
Gem $0.65
Creative Sakura Oil Painting Starry Sky Boxed Washi Tape Set aCreative Sakura Oil Painting Starry Sky Boxed Washi Tape Set c2
Creative Sakura oliemaleri Starry Sky Boxed Washi Tape Sæt
Udsalgspris$5.85 USD Normal pris$6.50 USD
8-rullet ensfarvet Washi-tapesæt
Udsalgspris$7.20 USD
Simpelt Pure Color Washi-tapesæt
Udsalgspris$6.50 USD
Pige farvet tape
Udsalgspris$8.40 USD
Års spor tegnefilm Washi tape
Udsalgspris$8.40 USD
Star Sea Vintage Washi Tape Sæt
Udsalgspris$6.50 USD
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Stamprints offers a wide variety of tapes, including washi Holographic Tapes and PET tapes, all featuring vibrant, highly saturated colors. From flowers to geometrical shapes, these tapes splash color into a project. Intricate detailing and high-quality prints make every tape a miniature piece of art.


Nyd det sjove ved at lave med Stampints.