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Simpelt Pure Color Washi-tapesæt
Udsalgspris$6.50 USD
Vintage engelsk tekst Washi Tape
Udsalgspris$4.80 USD
Gem $1.30
Silk Brocade Blooms Retro Silver Hot Stamping Decorative Tape cSilk Brocade Blooms Retro Silver Hot Stamping Decorative Tape a
Silke Brocade Blooms Retro Sølv Hot Stamping Dekorativ Tape
Udsalgspris$5.20 USD Normal pris$6.50 USD
Vintage Avis og Map Washi Tape
Udsalgspris$3.60 USD
Tidløse vers Washi Tape
Udsalgspris$6.00 USD
Vintage blonde collage PET tape
Udsalgspris$6.00 USD
Gem $1.80
Flower Quotes Collection Plants Tape b3Flower Quotes Collection Plants Tape b1
Blomstercitater Indsamling Planter Tape
Udsalgspris$4.20 USD Normal pris$6.00 USD
Basic Solid Color Grid Washi Tape
Udsalgspris$3.60 USD
8-rullet ensfarvet Washi-tapesæt
Udsalgspris$7.20 USD
Kawaii Vitality Girl PET Tape
Udsalgspris$4.80 USD
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Stamprints offers a wide variety of tapes, including washi Holographic Tapes and PET tapes, all featuring vibrant, highly saturated colors. From flowers to geometrical shapes, these tapes splash color into a project. Intricate detailing and high-quality prints make every tape a miniature piece of art.


Nyd det sjove ved at lave med Stampints.