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Introduction of Wax Seals and Tools

In ancient times, wax seals are used to verify the letter is unopened or to verify the sender's identity. Since the advent of a postal system, the use of seal wax has become more for ceremony and decoration.
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——What Is Wax Seal?

Wax Seal is a form of sealing that uses melting varnish, dripping on letters (objects), and sealing before hardening to prevent them from being dismantled. It is an extension and development of ancient bamboo slips and wooden slips. It is a historical product under specific conditions. The current Wax Seal can be roughly divided into two circles: the antiquities circle and the hand account circle. The antiquities circle pays attention to the hand-carved art of chapter heads, and most of the waxes used are single-tone. And the chapter head in the hand account circle is a modern machine engraving, the pattern is diverse, and the wax used is not limited.

——What tools do you need to make Wax Seal?

• Stamp (Chapter Head)
The seals we have seen are generally divided into two parts: the head and the handle. The head has various patterns, and the handle of the seal is usually wood, metal, and plastic.

Stamprints wax seal stampStamprints wax seal handle and size

• Sealing Wax (wax beads/wax stick)
Terms of wax, it is mainly divided into wax beads and wax stick. Wax beads refer to the wax that has been processed into grains. wax stick are strips of wax. If you choose to use wax stick, it is recommended that you prepare a knife to cut the wax strips into small pieces.

Stamprints sealing wax stickStamprints sealing wax beads

• Spoon
The spoon is responsible for holding the wax and pouring it over the envelope, and keep your hand away from the heat source.

Stamprints spoon

• Candles and Furnace
Candles and Furnace can be replaced by glue guns, of course, with a hot melt glue gun and a special wax stick.

Stamprints sealing wax melting fernaceStamprints sealing wax melting fernace

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