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Dazzling Glittering Solid Color Deco Tape

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This dazzling glittering solid color deco tape is made of high-quality fiber paper. The laser hot stamping process makes it sparkling and dazzling. It can be stuck repeatedly without any glue stains left. It has 10 colors to choose from. The plentiful colors and shiny designs make it easy to enrich journals. It's perfect for decorating journals, scrapbooks, collages, greeting cards, invitations, envelopes, and gift wrappings, and it's creative to use them on clothes, pencils, phones, laptops, etc.

Product Details
◎Material: Fiber paper
◎Quantity: 1 roll
◎Size: 15mm × 5m / 0.6" × 16.4'
◎Technology: Laser Hot Stamping

2Dazzling Glittering Solid Color Deco Tape