Some Essential Scrapbook Suppliers for the Beginners

Some Essential Scrapbook Suppliers for the Beginners

Scrapbooking requires basic materials such as card stock, patterned paper, adhesive, embellishments, and distress ink. These materials are used to create a foundation for the pages and add a personal touch to the scrapbook. Additionally, scrapbook kits are available which provide a coordinated selection of elements and can be an affordable option.

There is a lot of book scrap material and tools available that can be very confusing for beginners. Well, even though the options are more, you may not need to use them all to begin the scrapbook album. So, to make your process easier and more comfortable, we have listed down some basic materials and tools that you need for scrapbooking. Let's have a look at those things.

Card Stock

Without card stock, you may not be able to make your own scrapbook. These are hard papers and are durable. With these, you can make your scrapbook long-lasting and intact. However, while buying one, choose the color scheme wisely. For example, if you are creating a scrapbook for a little girl, then baby pink color can be a good option.

Patterned Paper

Patterned papers are available in different themes, designs, textures and weights. You can also opt for double-sided or single-sided patterned paper based on your requirements. Using these, you can create a beautiful, functional foundation for the pages, or you can use them as a decorative element.


You can opt for different formats, for example, liquid glue, glue dots, tape runner, double-sided tape and more. Here the deciding factor on which kind of adhesive you will use will be based on the type of surface of your scrapbook. For more information, go through the manufacturer's descriptions. If you want to prevent embellishments or photo frames in the scrapbook from appearing very flat, then using double-sided foam tape can be an excellent option.


Using embellishment, you can enhance your scrapbook pages, and these are perfect for a personal touch. For example, the use of ribbons, tags, flower cuts, buttons, beads, and more can make the scrapbook look awesome and exciting. Well, if you want, you can also make your own embellishment using these things. All you need to do is use your creativity.

Distress Ink

Using distress ink can be a good idea as these inks are versatile and can be used in different ways. In fact, professional scrapbookers are also used to give an old and vintage look to the pages, stenciling, stamping, distressed edges of the scrapbook paper and more. With such inks, you can make your book scrap look professional and beautiful.

Get Some Good Scrapbook Kits

You can easily find different types of scrapbooking kits, such as embellishment kits, page kits, album kits and more. With a good scrapbook kit, you don't have to worry about coordination. All the elements have been put together to perfectly complement each other. Besides, compared to buying every item individually, in some cases, buying scrapbook kits will be an affordable option. If you are confused about the patterns, card stock design etc., then get a scrapbook kit.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the scrapbook has become a hobby for some people, and if you are planning to create a scrapbook, then the above-mentioned supplies will help you a lot. However, always prefer to buy good quality and custom book scrap to create a beautiful scrapbook. You can easily buy it online under your budget.