scrapbook & art journal tutorial

Get Your Hands on a Solid Scrapbooking Theme

Digital scrapbooking is a way to store and organize memories in a digital format. It is very important to choose the right tools, design the theme, select a title, and decide on a color scheme for the scrapbook.

The world of digital scrapbooking is all about journaling images and photos that add a tinge of the standard to your memories. You can conveniently store your memories in a digital form, and this is defined as the digital scrapbooking theme. With a central theme set for the pages, you can divide your content into several forms. This could be in the form of restaurants, beaches or the sky for that purpose. The Scrapbook is a minor medium that beautifully represents a part of your life.

Scrapbookers usually tend to follow and own a set of sophisticated tools and other embellishments like clear rubber stamps that makes their work go easier. However, there is a complete set of rules that needs to be followed in order to encompass the process of scrapbooking and go beyond the concept of photos and newspaper clippings. Let's have a look at the same.

  • Scrapbooking tools:

One of the essential objectives of initiating the process of scrapbooking is to choose the exact essential tools that are required. It is important to choose the exact tools that can cut off any shape and size. This makes sure that you avoid ripping any extra folds or corners. A pair of tweezers and an x-acto knife is usually considered the best option for a Book Scrap.

  • The designing process:

The designing process is the main step where scrapbooking begins. This is where the entire theme of the Scrapbook is based on. It can radiate the exact number of colors and energy that it is supposed to. If you are looking forward to building an artistic theme, then play around with cool colors and do the same with warm colors if you are looking forward to themes of your personal interest. This is how the theme of the Scrapbook is decided.

  • Choosing the appropriate title:

You need to keep in mind that the title of the Scrapbook is what is going to represent the entire theme and the sentiment of your Scrapbook. With an attractive title, your Scrapbook will be immediately able to hold the attention of the viewer. Make sure a tiny tinge of each and every page and theme of your textbook is represented in the title that you provide. You can take a few ideas from solid and short quotes, and you can be creative in multiple ways.

  • Decide on the perfect color system:

The entire theme of the Scrapbook depends upon the color system. You need to be able to draw a line of the color combinations that perfectly suit your scrapbook design so the output will be effective. A well-chosen color scheme gives your Scrapbook the extra weight and depth that it requires. A poorly chosen color line can lead to weakening the entire Book Scrap. Let the pigments of your color define the embellishments of your Scrapbook. This will enhance the outlook of the same.

While going ahead with digital scrapbooking, keep cutting non-uniform shapes and sizes and toning them according to your needs. Secure all the elements with the exact adjustments that need to be done, and this can ensure you of beautiful outputs.