custom rubber stamp

Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Custom Rubber Stamps

How to effectively use custom rubber stamps for branding and marketing purposes? You can try them on branding materials such as business cards, letterhead, and brochures.

While the methods of marketing have evolved with time, there are some elements that can still help a business to move ahead of its competitors. Even though you have invested in your business's digital marketing, investing in custom rubber stamps can also bring a lot of benefits. You can use them to effectively brand your business.

Besides using a rubber stamp, you can also create business cards, letterhead, party favors, brochures and more. Now you must be wondering how to attain the desired crisp impression using custom rubber stamps on any surface. Well, here are some tips that can help you with this. Have a look at the below-mentioned point.

Some Points to Keep in Mind While Using a Rubber Stamp

  • When you first use your stamp, you need to stamp it around 10 to 15 times to distribute the ink evenly
  • They work perfectly on standard paper
  • Pre-inked custom stamps are good for intricate designs.
  • For hand stamps, you will have to buy an ink pad.
  • Self-inking stamps are food for repeated stamping and can offer more than 1000 high-quality impressions.

Applying Stamp on Different Surfaces

  • Gloss Surface

Non-porous and high-gloss surfaces offer a professional touch to any marketing materials. For this, you can use a handle stamp and a high-quality, quick drying ad pigment-based ink. Water-based ink can smudge and smear quickly.

  • Muslin Bags

You can use custom rubber stamps on burlap, muslin or fabric. Such surfaces are porous, and they will absorb the ink differently. For this, prefer to use a quick drying ink. To avoid an uneven impression, stamp on a flat surface. Press the stamp hard for around 5 to 10 seconds to push the ink properly.

  • Envelops

While stamping on envelopes, remove the letter or card from the envelopes. As you may need to stamp a lot of envelopes, using a self-inking rubber stamp created by a professional rubber stamp company will be an excellent option for you. For better results, you can add some form of padding.

  • Shopping Bags

Experts suggest stamping on the lower section of the shopping bags. If you stamp near the handle area, then you may get an uneven impression. For plastic bags, a hand stamp and quick dry ink will work well. For paper bags, you should use a self-inking stamp. For a superior-quality impression, give pre-inked rubber stamps a try. However, such stamps may take longer and are not good for repeated and quick stamping. You can insert something with a flat surface in the shopping bags to lower the effects of folds and enhance the stamping impression.

Final Words

It is a fact that sometimes the simplest idea can be more effective. Custom rubber stamps may not be new, but they have become a useful and effective branding method. These stamps are easy to use and quick. All you need to do is to get in touch with the best rubber stamp company and order high-quality rubber stamps now. Follow the tips mentioned above and market your brand in different ways.