paper crafting

Some Useful Paper Crafting Tips for New Paper Crafters

Paper crafting is fun and relaxing, but it’s challenging for most new beginners, what should I do first? How can I choose material papers? Well, here I have some ideas for those who are doing this for the first time about how to score the paper, how to secure the sheets, how to choose a mat, etc. You can be a great paper crafter, too.
washi tape - scrapbook & journal tape
Washi Tape

Create Your Unique Craft with Washi Tape

Besides decorative stickers, do you know decorative tapes? What materials and properties do the current tapes have? How to use tape and stickers to make your items unique? Come to learn about washi tapes, you’ll be surprised by the modern-day craft materials.
Keep journaling or writing diary

How Can Journaling Benefit Students?

Do you love to keep a paper diary? Do you know the benefits of journaling? After reading this article, you will understand the huge benefits of keeping a paper journal.
Scrapbook Paper & Crafting Paper

Explore Various Types of Craft Paper and How You Can Use Them?

Do you know how to choose the best quality paper for your paper crafts? Different papers have different characteristics and features. If you need the right scrapbook paper, here is some advice for you.
Spiral Journal Notebook

Spiral Notebooks: 6 Innovative Uses

Among the various kinds of diary notebooks, the spiral notebook is one of the most creative and convenient notebooks. What can you do with a spiral notebook? Here I will introduce 6 innovative uses of the spiral notebook to you.
Material Paper & Paper Crafting & Scrapbook

Create Your Happiness with Paper Crafts

As the most common craft material, paper is easy to use and safer for kids like craft work. But paper crafting is not only for kids, adults can also benefit from doing them. Some easy crafting works are available here.
art journal & scrapbook

All About Art Journaling and Its Benefits

Art journals are something intriguing and interesting. It can be created using diary art by adding a series of arts along with quotations, done with paints, sketches, pencils, etc. Now let me take you into the art world of art journaling.
scrapbook & scrapbooking & art journal

Some Useful Scrapbooking Ideas for Beginners

If you're new to scrapbooking, you may be overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and options available for scrapbooking. But here are some ideas for you to easily start scrapbooking.
Some Reasons Why Keeping a Diary Can Be a Good Idea

Some Reasons Why Keeping a Diary Can Be a Good Idea

Keeping a habit of writing diaries can help boost your self-awareness, keep your thoughts well-organized, improve your writing, record your unique ideas and promote good mental health.