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What to Wear to a Party: Women's Party Outfits

In this issue, I will introduce four styles for women’s party outfits, and how to use washi tapes and stickers to design distinctive dressings.

Every time attending an event that requires a good dress, it always makes people worry about what to wear so that it will not be awkward but show a good sense of fashion. In fact, you can choose from many styles for special occasions such as dinners and parties that are a little formal but allow you to dress yourself up. In this issue of DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, I will introduce five styles suitable for special occasions such as parties and dinners, and how to use washi tapes and stickers to design distinctive dressings.

Simple Style

Even the low-key neat style can also become the focus of attention at parties and gatherings. Choose simple dresses in glossy silk, pleated or asymmetrical cuts for a chic look that doesn't require too much embellishment. When you design a simple and neat party outfit on a washi tape clothing design sketchbook, choose a solid color slip dress. Cover the dress with solid color wshi tapes. Match a pair of understated earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet with the dress to add a touch of color to the neat outfit.

simple outfits & fashion design

Cool Style

For cool girls with strong personal characteristics, black, leather, and metal details must have long been indispensable elements in outfits. And when it comes to special occasions, fashion suits that include the above design elements can help you create a super-imposing look. When you design a handsome style on the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, you might as well try to match a simple clothe draft design with a coat. Cover the clothes with dark washi tapes and colored pencils. At the same time, you can match it with high-profile and eye-catching accessories, such as black sunglasses, personalized boots, or high heels, to make the overall look mysterious and domineering! Accessories like sunglasses and boots have to be hand-painted, which will also help improve your drawing skills.

cool outfits & fashion design 

Romantic Style

Girls who usually like sweet and romantic style, of course, want to continue the dreamy style on special occasions. At this time, dresses with flower embellishments, childlike prints, or fluffy tulle are good choices. When you design a romantic style outfit on the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, choose a fluffy dress or skirt. Design the dress with washi tapes in light, warm tones, and trace out the lace hem with colored pencils. To match the romantic style of clothing, you can design a pair of simple shoes, which can echo the sweet dress with colors, so that the overall looks more complete without being too fancy.

romantic dress & fashion design

Gorgeous Style

Finally, there is an occasion where you can dress up to attend, how can you not take the opportunity to show off your fashion taste and your unique charm? If you've always fantasized about wearing gorgeous clothes like female stars, why don't you take advantage of special occasions to be the most attractive star? Wear feather-edged, tulle, three-dimensionally cut exaggerated style costumes and express yourself to the fullest at the party. We have a special DIY tape clothing design sketchbook with a variety of gorgeous long gowns, perfect for flamboyant party wear. All you need to do is embellish the gowns with flashy washi tapes, such as leopard printed and glitter washi tapes, and add some eye-catching earrings and shoes to complete the unique gorgeous dress.

leopard dress & fashion design
No matter which dressing style you choose to design, our DIY tape clothing design sketchbook can meet various your design needs. Select your favorite fashion design sketchbook and create a stylish party outfit!