Formal Dinner Dress

Attire Guide: How to Dress for A Formal Dinner

When you encounter an occasion that requires a formal dress, do you know how to choose a fashionable and decent dress? In this issue, I will introduce how to design evening dresses and how to implement them in fashion design sketchbooks.
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What to Wear to a Party: Women's Party Outfits

In this issue, I will introduce four styles for women’s party outfits, and how to use washi tapes and stickers to design distinctive dressings.
DIY tape clothing design sketchbook

Guide of Office Dressing Style for Modern Woman

Some office women have difficulty finding suitable outfits, especially the right outfits for work. In this issue, I will introduce some dressing styles suitable for the offices and how to use a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook to design perfect working outfits.
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What to Wear to a Campus: Outfit Ideas for Students

A DIY clothing design sketchbook is a good item that can record your daily outfits and provide you with fresh design inspirations. Today I will introduce you to several clothing styles suitable for campus wear and how to design these styles in the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook.
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Fashion or Clothing Design Journal- Understand the Importance

One of the best ways to draw and record fashion figures is by maintaining a fashion journal or clothing design sketchbook. A good fashion design sketchbook offers you artistic freedom, allows you to be an artist everyday and makes learning fashion design much easier.
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Creative Ideas for DIY Tape Clothing Design Sketchbook

DIY tape clothing design sketchbooks are more creative and interesting than normal fashion sketchbooks. You can design unique clothes with washi tapes, accessorize clothes with delicate ornaments, improve drawing skills and make artistic souvenirs. It helps record daily outfits as well as relieve stress.
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Why Does Every Fashion Designer Need a Fashion Sketchbook?

Fashion sketchbooks are created to allow fashion or clothing designers to show off their creativity. They help fashion designers to visualize the concepts and ideas surrounding the design, guide to the final design, expand creative skills and promote a whole new fashion trend.
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Clothing Design Sketchbook: Show Off Your Creativity Confidently

A good clothing design sketchbook comes with all the required things related to fashion design, for example, clipping, clothing design, colouring and more. Different styles of croquis body shapes help create different clothing styles. The design sketchbooks can be used to take notes and get additional design information.