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What to Wear to a Campus: Outfit Ideas for Students

A DIY clothing design sketchbook is a good item that can record your daily outfits and provide you with fresh design inspirations. Today I will introduce you to several clothing styles suitable for campus wear and how to design these styles in the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook.

In the campus full of youthful and active students, fashion-dressed students will always be more popular among their peers. Adolescents always want to be unconventional in dressing themselves, trying to design their unique clothing styles. A DIY clothing design sketchbook is a good item that can record your daily outfits and provide you with fresh design inspirations. Today I will introduce you to several clothing styles suitable for campus wear and how to design these styles in the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook.

Preppy Style

The preppy style is a dressing style represented by the campus dress of the famous "Ivy League" in the United States. It evolved from the clothing worn by aristocratic preppy students who were keen on sports, communication and vacations. Common items of the preppy style include suits, plaid skirts, v-neck sweaters, knitted cardigans, stockings, mid-tube socks, shirts, etc. The later evolved American preppy style includes some baseball jackets, POLO shirts, sneakers, baseball caps, and pleated skirts. Accessories include loafers, oxfords, messenger bags, bow ties, Cambridge bags, and gold-rimmed glasses.

  • Anti-aging Preppy Style

Use the single product of Polo shirts, with pleated skirts, and Bermuda shorts to create a girly image, and use the fresh macaron colors to add a girly atmosphere. On accessories, use casual sporty stockings to create a classic American preppy look. Gold frame glasses are used to add a retro atmosphere. Messenger bags, Cambridge bags and Oxford shoes also help strengthen the preppy style. White shoes add a fresh and sporty atmosphere to the whole set. When you record your outfits in the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, you can use brightly colored washi tapes to spread over a large area of the clothing draft. Select plaid and dotted washi tapes as much as possible. You can draw a messenger bag on the draft, and draw a pair of glasses to add a youthful and active sense.

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  • British Academic Preppy Style

Compared with the American preppy style, the British preppy style adds a sense of formality. The style contains items mostly suit jackets, plaid skirts, V-neck knitted sweaters, V-neck knitted cardigans, preppy three-piece suits, leather shoes, shirts, bow ties and other items. When designing a British preppy style outfit on the tape clothing design sketchbook, you should try to choose dark washi tape and dark colored pencils for coloring. In the choice of elements, try to select a solid color of washi tape to highlight the texture of the clothing. In the same way, you can also draw school elements such as bow ties and messenger bags on the sketch.

Dress Up & Fashion Design  | Stamprints

Sports Style

Once considered "unfashionable" sports style is now making a comeback. While the sporty look in the fashion world doesn't refer to what you wear when you're exercising, it's just a style, but stylish sporty isn't just a simple casual outfit, either. Therefore, if you want to look good in sports style, you must abandon the thinking that sports style is wearing sports clothes all over the body, and try to mix and match the fun. When it comes to daily sports style, we usually think of items such as sneakers, sweaters, and hoodies. There are many different options.

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  1. Choose a sports item with a logo. Some sports brands will have their classic logo or patterns, such as Adidas' three strips and Nike's Swoosh. If you don't resist this type of brand identity, then you can add these logos to the clothe draft to add a sporty style. You can paint a sports logo yourself, or you can stick some sport logo stickers directly on the garment.
  2. Combination of loose and tight. Many people prefer loose clothes when exercising, and feel free to move without being stretched. Therefore, some loose clothes are also characteristic of sportswear. However, in daily outfits, if the overall dressing is loose, it will be a little too lazy, and it will not look energetic. It's better to combine with elastic clothes. If you choose a loose top, it is best to match it with a tight bottom. When you want to design a sporty outfit, you must choose an appropriate clothing sketch in the choice of clothes sketches. Of course, you can also modify the clothes. For example, add a loose jacket to a tight top. The drawing process will also help improve your design skill. 
  3. Bright colors. Bright colors will give people a feeling of vitality, and it is also very suitable for the feeling of sports style. Of course, the color should also pay attention to coordination. If you are not very good at playing with contrasting colors, choose a bright color with black, white and gray. You only need to choose a solid color of dark tape such as black, gray and white for large-scale paving, and finally use a highlighting pen or bright tape to embellish it.
  4. Add a sense of elegance. Most people think that sports style must be neutral or very casual, but the concept of Sports Luxe is very popular now, and we can try to wear sports style with texture in daily life. As mentioned earlier, you don't need to limit your thinking to sportswear, you should match sportswear and casual styles. You may try different matching effects. For example, pair a baggy sweater with a fitted skirt, or pair your sweatpants with heels. If there is no appropriate clothing sketch on the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, you can modify a draft with colored pencils. Paint a casual coat over a formal top. At the same time, add some delicate trinkets to add a touch of elegance.
  5. Stay in the same color family. In addition to the various matching methods mentioned above, there is another way to look good in sportswear, choose the same color for the whole body. Although sportswear is mostly in bright colors, this combination unifies the color tone, adds a bit minimalist flavor, and looks clean and simple. Therefore, when you choose washi tapes, choose solid color tapes. If two or three colors are required, make sure they are in the same color family.

Come and get your DIY tape clothing design sketchbook. Start to design your campus outfits now!