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Guide of Office Dressing Style for Modern Woman

Some office women have difficulty finding suitable outfits, especially the right outfits for work. In this issue, I will introduce some dressing styles suitable for the offices and how to use a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook to design perfect working outfits.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

With the increasing social status of women, modern women are now beginning to play giant roles in workplaces. However, some office women have difficulty finding suitable outfits, especially the right outfits for work. Some either dressed too formally or dressed too casually. Do you have the same problem? As Saint Laurent said, fashion fades, style is eternal. What you only need to do is find a matching style that suits you, and then show your unique charm in the workplace. In this issue, I will introduce some dressing styles suitable for the offices and how to use a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook to design perfect working outfits.

Simple and Elegant Style

 “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

If you refer to the outfits of local women of Paris, the fashion capital, you’ll find their outfits are rarely too fancy but tend to wear simple and classic items: a skirt, a shirt, and a slim sweater, which can be dressed simply with elegance.

Simple outfits are different from other styles in the use of colors. Sweet styles mostly use colorful, macaron, or contrast colors to create visual impact. But simple and elegant outfits are different. The essence of it is keeping the color matching simple and advanced. Therefore, if you want to present the style perfectly, you must avoid some exaggerated colors, such as candy colors. When you are designing these outputs on the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, choose calm and dark colors and avoid washi tapes with complicated patterns. Remember to choose solid-colored pencils for coloring.

diy clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

The difference between simple style and other styles is also reflected in the details. Many simple and elegant style lovers pay attention to the use of accessories, using silk scarves, and pearl necklaces to enhance the sense of sophistication. Besides that, they will choose accessories that are consistent with the dressing style, such as gold earrings and collarbone chains to add luster and make the dress more fashionable or choose simple and high-quality bags to show their taste. When designing on the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, you can draw your favorite accessories yourself and fill in corresponding colors with colored pencils.

fashion design & clothing design

Business Casual Style

Business casual style is another term for casual style. The essence of business casual wear is to create a good-looking and casual style through simple and fashionable accessories. But sometimes, creating business-casual looks can be a little tricky. Here are some simple tips you can follow when getting ready to dress.

Think about what pants to wear. Business casual style outfits must balance both professional and fashionable styles. The bottoms can be comfortable items, such as a pair of smart slacks, a conservative dark skirt, or washed dark jeans, which are all good basics for business casual wear. In most cases, trousers can be the basis for an overall outfit. If you want to design a business casual style outfit with washi tapes, you can start by choosing a clothe sketch of pants with the business style. Choose the appropriate trousers and transform the top with washi tapes and colored pencils.

clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

Choose a suitable top. Business casual style is all about balance in styles, so the tops must match the overall look. If the bottoms are casual, complete the outfit with a more stylish style top. If the bottom is in a relatively low-key color, choose a colorful shirt to match it. If the bottom is the part with more colors in the overall match, choose a more modest top. These balances can be accomplished with washi tapes and colored pencils. We have tapes ranging from plain, solid-colored tapes to trendy tapes with a variety of elements. With little washi tapes, you can create a perfect business-casual outfit.

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Choose a dress. Dresses are a safe bet if you want to try the business casual style. A dress will immediately make the overall look more "dressy", and its prints and materials can also add some casual elements. You can pair a conservative-length, darker, professional-looking dress with casual accessories like a colorful scarf, or simple, stylish jewelry. And vice versa, if you're wearing a casual dress, you can pair it with traditional heels with a touch of fashion and simple jewelry. Our DIY tape clothing design sketchbook has so many styles of dresses that you are sure to find the right sketch to complete your design.

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Romantic Tender Style

Many people will doubt whether romantic gentle style outfits are suitable for the workplace. The answer is of course. Matching a set of tender style clothing will bring a sense of relaxation to the dull office. But you must pay attention to the two points below when you design a romantic gentle style outfit.

First, the single item should not be too girly. You can choose a girly pink dress, but it is not recommended to choose a pink and mesh lace double girly dress. For daily occasions, the pink and mesh dress is beyond practical, and it is not suitable for the workplace. Therefore, when designing a romantic tender style on the tape clothing design sketchbook, do not design both the up and bottom clothes to the tender style. Try to use different elements of washi tapes for matching.

fashion design & clothing design

Second, the color should not be too exaggerated. Take the red dress as an example, to reduce the sense of presence, you can change the positive red to dark red. To increase the fashionable effect, a large area of graffiti can be turned into a small area of embellishment. This gentle yet formal look is just right for a dull office environment. Therefore, when choosing washi tapes, do not use high-key washi tapes such as glitter or polka dots to cover large areas. Try to choose low-key, solid-colored tapes and stickers and use glitter washi tape as an embellishment.

fashion design & clothing design

Above all, whatever style you choose, choose outfits that make you feel confident and happy. Get a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, and feel happiness and confidence in the process of clothing design. Get both tenderness and strength in the workplace. I hope you can design your unique professional outfits.