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Fashion or Clothing Design Journal- Understand the Importance

One of the best ways to draw and record fashion figures is by maintaining a fashion journal or clothing design sketchbook. A good fashion design sketchbook offers you artistic freedom, allows you to be an artist everyday and makes learning fashion design much easier.

The first step in bringing any design to life is by drawing fashion figures. As per the experts or professional clothing or fashion designers, fashion figures function as a template for the vision of fashion designers. From three-dimensional illustrations to flat fashion sketches, creating fashion figures can help you to bring flair as well as emotion from the sketchbook to the final product. And one of the best ways to draw and record your fashion figures is by maintaining a fashion journal or clothing design sketchbook.

fashion design & clothing design

  • It Offers You Artistic Freedom

A clothing or fashion design sketchbook will always let you be free in artistic expression. You will have no boundaries, and you can utilize whatever medium, color, or tools you want. Both beginner and professional fashion or clothing designers can greatly benefit from this. You will get some amazing outfit options that you can design using colorful DIY tape.

clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

  • It Allows You to Be an Artist Everyday

You can easily take your clothing design sketchbook anywhere you want and can also access that at any time. If you have a break at your office, you can take out your fashion sketchbook and write your doodle or thoughts or create a new design, utilizing your free time in the right way. A clothing design sketchbook is carefree and light. Such sketchbooks are designed to allow you to engage in fashion design every day.

clothing design sketchbook & fashin design

  • How to Sketch Perfect Fashion Croquis?

It is a fact that learning how to create fashion croquis can be very time-consuming. For example, first, you need to draw the clothing design perfectly, and the arms, head, hands, feet, legs, and body should also be perfect. Even though you might get very close, as a clothing designer, you may be a little picky, and you may not want to settle for a novice drawing. However, the good news is that there are a lot of ways to create great croquis, and you can use a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook for this.

clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

When you begin to learn how to draw a croquis, you should keep in mind that fashion croquis will not appear like regular people. For fashion sketching, the lean and long figure will look more appealing. One of the most common measurement standards is 9 heads, which means the fashion figure is the height of around 9 heads tall. However, it also has been seen that some fashion designers use a newer standard of 10 heads.

  • Learning Clothing Designs Has Become Much Easier

For a better clothing design experience, you can always go for clothing design sketchbooks that come with various outfit options that you can design using colored tapes, paper cutter pens, watercolor markers, colored pencils and more. This can be a great tool kit for all fashion designers.

clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

Whether you want to learn about fashion design or want to record your outfit ideas, or want to gift something useful to your friend who is a fashion designer, a clothing design sketchbook can be an excellent option. Get one now.