DIY clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

Clothing Design Sketchbook: Show Off Your Creativity Confidently

A good clothing design sketchbook comes with all the required things related to fashion design, for example, clipping, clothing design, colouring and more. Different styles of croquis body shapes help create different clothing styles. The design sketchbooks can be used to take notes and get additional design information.

If you love fashion designing, then it’s time to invest in a good clothing design sketchbook where you can draw your imagination related to clothing design. A good clothing design sketchbook comes with all the required things that you will need to show off your creativity related to fashion design, for example, clipping, clothing design, coloring and more. But not all fashion sketchbooks are the same, and it is crucial to understand what type of clothing design sketchbook you should use and what you will use the most. Well, here are some important things that you can look for in a fashion sketchbook while buying.

Croquis Body Shape

Initially, these sketchbooks were used only by fashion designers, and that means many of them come with model-type body shapes, and some books may also have stylized bodies that will appear like an alien. Well, if you love fashion illustration and want to learn more about creating fashionable clothes for different body shapes, then get a book that has croquis body shapes. Most professional clothing design sketchbooks have this feature.

diy clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

Croquis Style

You will find some croquis are presented in subtle dots so that you don’t feel distracted from the design. If you notice, you will find that most of the croquis are created in such a way that they will fade into the background. So, while using them, ensure that the lighting condition is good. Besides, choose a fashion sketchbook that comes with more prominent croquis. There are two common approaches to this. One is the croquis may come printed in a grey background or croquis with a series of dots.

Besides, there can be a great variation between the book in the croquis’ pose. For example, most fashion clothing books are created with different fashion illustrations that have moving croquis or poses. So, choose the style based on your creative skill levels.

fashion design & clothing design

Records, Notes and Sketches

Clothing design sketchbooks that are designed to allow the users to use their maximum level of creativity will come with space on every croquis page so that the users can make notes for recording or planning purposes. Some books have sufficient space for notes on alterations, sizing and fabric. Besides, you can also record the stash information along with body measurements. So, choose wisely.

fashion design & clothing design

Sewing and Additional Design Information

There are some fashion sketchbooks that come with some useful information. For example, when you use them, you will get to know about different clothing styles, fabric care labels, and more. Besides, some also offer you a guide to different historical clothing styles. There are more options.

fashion design & washi tape clothing design

Allow You to Use Colored Tapes

Some books come with pre-printed clothing design sketches, and they will be outlined by lines. Here you can use different patterns and colors of stickers and tapes to embellish and paint the clothes. You can also use watercolor and colored pencils to color the clothes.

So, keep these things in your mind, and choose a perfect clothing design sketchbook for you to enhance your clothing fashion skills. Get one now!