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Incredible Ways to Decorate with Washi Tapes

Washi tape is an interesting, sticky decorative material with multiple applications. Here are some adorable and incredible ways to decorate with washi tapes.

You may think it plain, boring, nondurable and have no practical use when I come up with washi tapes. However, it is an interesting, sticky decorative material with multiple applications. Here are some adorable and incredible ways to decorate with washi tapes.

Decorate Stationery

One of the basic decorative applications for washi tapes is using them for art journaling and scrapbooking. For handicraft lovers, They are the most widely used material to make pretty journals. Just stick the small, cute tapes on the greeting cards, invitations, planners, or diaries, and the handwork will become unique and memorable. You can also use them on stationery items. With a range of styles for choice, you can pick up washi tapes in your favorite colors and patterns to decorate your stationery items, like pens, notebooks, pencil boxes, and sharpeners. Covered with cute tapes, these stationery items may encourage you to keep learning. Since washi tape is made of washi paper, which allows writing and drawing, you can use it to make a bookmark. Cut a section of tape with a smooth edge. Draw your designs or write your signatures on them. Fold in half and stick the tape, keeping a little adhesive section for sticking on pages. Then a simple and unique bookmark is finished.

stationery decorated with washi tapes

washi tape & bookmark

Decorate Articles of Daily Use

In addition to the above applications on diaries and stationery, the advantages of washi tapes, like various styles, easy to tear, and strong adhesiveness without leaving any glue make them suitable for decorating many small articles in our daily life. For electronic products, it can decorate phone cases, iPad cases, and laptop surfaces. It will bring a cute and lively atmosphere to your tedious work. You can also use washi tapes as labels to help classify daily-use items. Stick them to boxes filled with clothes or sundries, and remark a category, like "Clothes for Summer", or " Broken Items".  This will help you find everything quickly and clearly. In addition, you can use washi tapes for manicures. Washi paper is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, you can safely cover your nails with them. Especially for new learners who want to get a manicure, it's easier to use washi tapes than nail polish. And it's easier to remove than nail polish.

washi tape for decoration

washi tape & manicure

Decorate Lage Items

The most creative application of washi tape is using them on large items decoration.

  • Bicycles

Washi tape is not limited to the decoration of small things, large objects such as bicycles can also be decorated with tapes. You can choose wide tapes to cover the main body of the bike. If you like fairy tales, you can choose macaron-colored washi tapes to create a "bike in the fairy tale world". If you like vintage things, you can choose different patterns and colors of retro tapes to create a "rainbow bike". The sticking work requires you to have enough patience. But when you finished it, you'll get a distinctive bike.

washi tape for decoration
  • Electrical Appliances

The appearance of electrical appliances is usually unified and monotonous. If you want an interesting experience, you can give them a second "makeover" with washi tapes. Fans, air conditioners, telephones, televisions, and any other household appliances can be decorated with washi tapes. Don't worry, they have no functional impact on any appliances.

washi tapes
  • Furniture

Of course, furniture like tables, chairs, walls, and other large furniture can be decorated with washi tapes. If you like a warm house, decorate furniture with warm-toned washi tapes. If you like something fancy, decorate them with colorful tapes. You can build your home however you want What you need is just large washi tapes and a little bit more patience. As long as the decoration is completed, you will have a colorful and warm house!

decorate tables with washi tape

    As long as you keep a trace of innocence in your heart and give full use of imagination, life can be filled with infinite poetry. Come and choose your favorite washi tape and create a colorful world!