Scrapbook Paper & Crafting Paper

Explore Various Types of Craft Paper and How You Can Use Them?

Do you know how to choose the best quality paper for your paper crafts? Different papers have different characteristics and features. If you need the right scrapbook paper, here is some advice for you.

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Whether you love card-making, origami or gift-wrapping, you should always choose the best quality paper for your paper art projects. Well, when it comes to craft and paper, the options are more. It comes in coated, uncoated, different colors and also in a range of weights and thicknesses. This may create confusion about what type of paper you should use for your craft. We have listed down some cool options for you that you can give a try.

Construction Paper

When you think about craft and paper, you can ignore construction paper. Such type of paper is inexpensive, and you can get it in different color options. Such paper has a rough texture. However, if you are creating a paper project that is meant to last for months, then this paper is not for you, as the color will fade quickly. This can be an excellent option for class Paper art projects.

Construction Paper & Paper Crafting


This medium-weight paper is thinner than cardboard but heavier than your printer paper. If you are looking for a type of paper for scrapbooking, handmade boxes and greeting cards, then this can be an excellent option. Such papers are available in different colors and textures. Some suppliers offer lignin as well as acid-free cardstocks that are good for scrapbooking.

Cardstock & Scrapbook Paper

Crepe Paper

These papers are thinly coated tissue paper. They have a crinkled surface and can be stretched easily. Crepe papers are generally sold in sheets and rolls. These are widely used to make paper flowers, and you can use these papers for party decorations. However, for better results, buy high-quality crepe paper. You can easily get it online.

Crepe Paper & Scrapbook Paper & Paper Crafting

Mulberry Paper

Mulberry papers are handmade papers created using the mulberry plant's fibers. The paper is lightweight, but it is quite durable. Such paper comes with an organic look and has a coarse texture. You can use this for your Paper art project and scrapbooking.

Mulberry Paper & Journal Paper

Corrugated Cardboard

In general, corrugated cardboards come with two thin layers of paper, and in the middle, you will find a fluted paper sheet. As this paper is robust and durable, it is majorly used to make cardboard boxes. As it is stiff, it is a little difficult to cut. For the best and smooth cutting results, you can use a craft knife. Corrugated cardboard can be used to make toy cars, houses, small furniture and more. Just use your imagination to create different things. On the other hand, its fluted middle is good for cardmaking.

Cardboard & Paper Crafting

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is usually used to wrap packages. You can also make paper bags using this. It is available in different shades, such as brown to white. It is perfect for flower crafts, card making as well as scrapbooking.

Kraft Paper & Scrapbook Paper

Now you know everything about different types of craft papers that you can use, it's time to order your favorite type of paper online. Craft papers are budget-friendly. But while buying craft and paper online, always choose a professional supplier to get quality products, and your art projects will look beautiful.