Formal Dinner Dress

Attire Guide: How to Dress for A Formal Dinner

When you encounter an occasion that requires a formal dress, do you know how to choose a fashionable and decent dress? In this issue, I will introduce how to design evening dresses and how to implement them in fashion design sketchbooks.

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When you encounter an occasion that requires a formal dress, do you know how to choose a fashionable and decent dress? We are now providing a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook on the theme of fashion gowns. You can use washi tapes, stickers, colored pencils and other art journal tools to design your evening party dress. In this issue, I will introduce how to design evening dresses and how to implement them in fashion design sketchbooks.

Before choosing a women's evening gown, you have to figure out how formal you need to be for the occasion. Dinner party generally falls into two categories. Semi-formal dinners and full formal dinners. There is a huge difference between them. Semi-formal dinners include friend gatherings, family gatherings, weddings, celebration banquets, birthday banquets, etc., while full formal dinners include big balls, corporate annual meetings, cocktail parties, etc. Of course, each one has a different assessment of the formality of the event. The more formal you think the occasion is, the more formal you should dress.

Semi-Formal Dress

Friend gatherings, family gatherings, weddings and celebration banquets are all semi-formal dinners. When participating in these events, the premise of choosing the right dress is to clarify your role, whether you are the protagonist or just a participant. If you are a participant, you are not supposed to wear too stunning. Try to avoid too eye-catching colors such as big red and purple. On these slightly formal occasions, the most suitable choice is semi-formal dresses. Short dresses or skirts that length is 5-10 cm above and below the knee are suitable. The advantage of a semi-formal dress is that it is convenient and easy to move. Here are several semi-formal dress styles I want to introduce to you.

  • Slip Dress

Slings can modify the broad shoulders and slender upper body. If you choose a black fine sling, it will create a slimming visual effect. When you design a slip dress on the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, you'd better choose glitter or dark washi tapes to cover the gown on draft. Draw a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet to add sparkle to the gown, making the overall look low-key but luxurious.

Slip Dress for Fashion Design

  • Puff Sleeve Dress

The design of puff sleeves is more suitable for girls with narrow shoulders. It can well modify the upper body and balance the upper and lower proportions. At the same time, it adds a sense of lovely to the whole dress. To design this cute dress, you can choose light-colored washi tapes such as light pink, light blue, or light purple for the most part. At the same time, use dark colored pencils to highlight the outline, which can add a sense of fantasy.

Puff Sleeve Dress Fashion Design

  • Strapless Dress

A strapless dress can show your sexy collarbone. The key to designing a strapless dress is the waistline of it. A high waist or waist pleated design can make people look taller and slender. For a slender figure, you can design a V-shaped waistline, which makes people look more slender than a conventional high waist. For those who are a little plump, you can design a straight shape and add a lace design to make the wearer looks slimmer. When designing the waistline in the fashion design sketchbook, you can outline the waistline with black colored pencils, and then decorate the skirt with your favorite washi tapes.

Strapless Dress Clothing Design

Full Formal Dress

Big balls, corporate annual meetings and cocktail parties are more formal than weddings and family gatherings. Therefore, the dress should be particular and elaborate. To choose the right evening dress, we provide you with a special DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, which contains a lot of evening dress sketches to meet your design needs. Evening dresses are generally long skirts and fall to the ground. In women's dresses, the longer the skirt is, the more formal the occasion is. Evening dresses highlight women's good figures, so designs such as deep V, open back, and open leg slits are often integrated into evening dresses to fully show the various aspects of the female body. In terms of dress materials, evening dresses are mostly made of high-grade mercerized fabrics, embellished with embroidery, beading, folds and other decorations, giving people a graceful and luxurious feeling. When you design a formal evening dress, you can choose glitter washi tapes or stickers to present the silky fabric, or you can choose a solid color tape with glitter powder to show the high-end material. Match it with a pair of high-heeled shoes. A complete set of the suitable dinner party dress is completed.

Formal Dress Fashion Clothing Design

Whether you want to design a semi-formal dress or a formal evening dress, our washi tapes can meet all your design needs. We provide two different styles of fashion gown design sketchbooks, come and choose the fashion design sketchbook that suits you and create your party dress.