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Understanding the Importance of Sketching in The Field of Fashion Design

Sketching or fashion illustration is considered the initial face of designs. Fashion sketchbook allows experiment with different fashion ideas, ensures an effective communication between the clients and designers, and improves your design with the minutest of details.
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Clothing Design Sketchbook: Show Off Your Creativity Confidently

A good clothing design sketchbook comes with all the required things related to fashion design, for example, clipping, clothing design, colouring and more. Different styles of croquis body shapes help create different clothing styles. The design sketchbooks can be used to take notes and get additional design information.
Dress Up Your Outfits with Washi Tape on Fashion Sketchbook | Stamprints

A Complete Guide to DIY Tape Clothing Design Sketchbook

When you get a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, don't rush to stitch and draw it at will. Here we prepared some tips on the production process for you, hoping to help you complete a unique and perfect clothing design.
DIY Tape Clothing Design Sketchbook - Stamprints

Introduction of DIY Tape Clothing Design Sketchbook

The DIY tape clothing design sketchbook from Stamprints involves coloring, clipping, and clothing design. Use different styles of washi tapes and colored pencils to paint and embellish the clothes. Whether you used to record your daily outfits, learn about clothing design, or choose a gift for friends, it's a good choice.