DIY tape clothing design sketchbook

Fashion Drawing And Clothing Design Sketchbook- Some Useful Resources

Clothing design sketchbook can help communicate various technical elements of a design, function as a mood board, showing the emotional language of your designs, and make your learning process easier.
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Without drawing, it is not possible to come up with a fashion designer. As per the professional fashion designers, fashion drawings are like the blueprint for a clothing design and will vary in terms of the amount of detail and style.

  • A flat sketch is generally utilized to outline the silhouette as well as the shape of a garment.
  • On the other hand, fashion drawings can be three-dimensional figures with movement, shading and texture lines for fabric draping.
  • Speaking more about this, a fashion illustration can be considered as a more detailed type of fashion drawing that may include accessories as well as color. Besides, the fashion figures can also have a detailed face or hairstyle to demonstrate a head-to-toe look.

DIY tape clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

Why Are Clothing Drawings So Important?

Experts say fashion or clothing drawings can help communicate various technical elements of a design, for example, fit and length, to a figure. Furthermore, it can also function as a mood board, showing the emotional language of your designs.

The first step in drawing fashion figures is to make fashion croquis. Speaking about a croquis is a quick sketch outlining different proportions of the fashion figure. If you look at the croquis, it will appear like a paper doll. It is a template, and you can edit or customise it based on your fashion creative level.

If you are drawing a fashion figure for the first time, you should craft the croquis on a pre-made croquis template. This is where you can use a DIY clothing design or fashion sketchbook. Such sketchbooks come with different pre-printed clothing design sketches, colorless and properly outlined by lines.

DIY tape clothing design sketchbook

Why Should You Invest in A Good Sketchbook?

If you have ever tried to draw a person free-hand, you will know how difficult or challenging it is to get all the proportions right. Your clothing design sketchbook will provide you with the shapes onto which you would draw your garments. To avoid any confusion, most fashion sketchbooks have light-colored croquis, and some use faint dots. When you draw on the croquis, you will get a garment that will be proportionally correct, and after that, the croquis will fade into the background, providing you with a professional-looking image.

The best part of using a clothing design sketchbook is that you don’t need drawing skills. Just utilize the croquis as an outline, and you will come up with a perfect representation of your design.

DIY tape clothing design sketchbook

Final Thoughts

When it comes to learning fashion designing, you can always use a clothing design sketchbook to make your learning process easier. Based on your requirements, you can go for sketchbooks for women’s outfits, men’s outfits as well as fashion gowns. With the best clothing design book, you will get design drafts in the book that will suit different occasions, like parties, banquets, campus, workplace and more. Some also come with affordable tool kits that you will need to get started with fashion designing. So, get it now and faster your fashion design learning process. These sketchbooks are perfect for all.