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Creative Ideas for DIY Tape Clothing Design Sketchbook

DIY tape clothing design sketchbooks are more creative and interesting than normal fashion sketchbooks. You can design unique clothes with washi tapes, accessorize clothes with delicate ornaments, improve drawing skills and make artistic souvenirs. It helps record daily outfits as well as relieve stress.

Unlike normal fashion sketchbooks, DIY tape clothing design sketchbooks are more creative and interesting. Here are several creative ideas for the tape clothing design sketchbook.

Design Unique Clothes with Washi Tapes

The basic concept of a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook is to combine crafting and fashion designing. Beginners without professional clothing design knowledge can also improve their clothing design skills through handmaking. The tools required for the design process are mainly washi tapes, stickers, and colored pencils. Stick washi tapes or stickers on the clothes on the sketch. Use a pen shape knife to remove extra tapes along the outline of the garment. You can create any style of clothes with different kinds of washi tapes at will and complete a unique clothing album.

washi tape & stickers

Accessorize Clothes with Delicate Ornaments

Clothing design is related to accessories so closely that without delicate accessories the clothes designed will have no fashion charm. One of the unique features of the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook is that you can make fancy accessories for your clothes. Due to the limited thickness of the sketchbook, you’d better use thin materials such as satin and sequins. Sequins are suitable for decorating skirts and shoe uppers to make them glittering and eye-catching. Satin is suitable for making bows sticking on clothes and hats making them decent and luxurious. Besides satin and sequins, you can sprinkle with glitter powder to add a sense of fashion.

tape fashion design ornaments

Improve Drawing Skills

Character sketching is a great feature of the DIY tape clothing design sketchbook. The garment drafts on this sketchbook are only printed with outlines without any faces, legs, or feet. The blank space is to give you more freedom to make a design as much as possible. If you want to design clothes for your family and friends, you can directly draw the faces with their characteristics on the draft as models, so that you can more clearly see whether the styles and the clothes you designed are suitable for the models. You can draw anything on the sketch, bouquets, balloons even pets to create a scene theme for your design.

fashion design & stickers

Make Artistic Souvenirs

In addition to saving your clothing design in this book to create a clothing album, you can cut them off and save them in photo frames. Premium paper of DIY tape clothing design sketchbook is easy for drawing, coloring, and scraping. Use a precision craft knife to cut your design off and frame it with a glass frame. It's a perfect way to commemorate your fashion design. You can also frame it as a gift for your friends. They will be very happy to receive such a novel and unique gift. If you don't like frames, you can simply cut your designs out, hang them on a string and make a clothing design wall, just like a photo wall. You can also stick them directly on the bedsides, walls, cabinets, and refrigerators, serving as decorations. They will bring you fresh design inspiration anytime. fashion design & picture frames

Create unique clothing albums, accessorize outfits, practice character sketching, and make souvenirs, there are so many creative ideas about DIY clothing design sketchbooks. Come to the online store and choose your favorite sketchbook!