Wax Seal for Wedding

Wax Seal for Wedding

How to Decorate Your Wedding with Wax Seal

The premise that we need to do all this is to have our own wedding wax seal, and the wedding lacquer seal pattern can be customized according to your preferences. Such as lace patterns, wedding logos, wedding dates, and your names. If you do not find a pattern that you are satisfied with, you can also provide patterns to customize.


First of all, we have to prepare wedding invitations to invite friends and relatives to our wedding. This will require a lot of paint wax seals, so we recommend you to use a wax seal gun, which will greatly save your time and improve efficiency. There is also a quicker and more convenient way is the wedding self-adhesive wax seal, you don't need to make it yourself, just stick the paint sticker where you want to use it.


In addition to decorating with fire paint wax seals on invitations, there are many places where wax seals can be used. Such as menus at wedding receptions, champagne glasses, wine bottles and many other occasions. This will definitely bring a different experience to your wedding.

Wedding Wax Seals on Menu Bottles and Glasses