How to Make the Perfect Wax Seal?

Remove air bubbles from the edge of the wax seal to create the perfect wax seal
Art Guide for Custom Wax Seals Reading How to Make the Perfect Wax Seal? 1 minute
Are you still troubled by bubbles on the edge of the wax seal? We will share a method to remove these bubbles. All you need is a lighter to achieve the perfect wax seal. Please see the video for specific tutorials.
@stamprints How to remove air bubbles on wax seals?This video introduce a simple and efficient way ⬆️ #waxseal #tutorial #waxsealtips #sealingwax ♬ BARELY BREATHING - Grant Averill

Note ⚠️ Mistakes not to make:
1. Burning time is too long
This may cause the edges to melt and deform 🤷🏻‍♀️
2. Big bubbles only burn once
This will result in the bubbles not being completely eliminated