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Why Do You Need Your Own Customized Rubber Stamp?

How to make a rubber stamp? Do you know the classification of rubber stamps? What carving methods are generally used in the production of rubber stamps? Here are a few things you need to know before making your rubber stamp.
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Are you someone who is fond of collecting rubber stamps? Then make sure to have your own version of personalized rubber stamps. These stamps come in different shapes and styles, and their versatility lets them get customized easily. Rubber stamps are nowadays most commonly used in business organizations, which helps them save time from writing again and again. A customized rubber stamp with a name of your own can help you trace back things when they are inevitably lost.

If you want to create a personalized rubber stamp, here are a few things you need to follow.

Learn the art of making rubber stamps

  • Classify the rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are basically divided into two categories. The Craft rubber stamps and the business rubber stamps. business stamps are mostly self-inking stamps and work only when you stamp them up and down on your stamp pad. On the contrary, the craft of rubber stamps is fun with a lot of graphics within them. They can be used for scrapbooks and greeting cards, along with embossing. This includes both dry and heat embossing.

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  • Rubber stamp manufacturing

After classifying the rubber stamps, it is required to understand the basics of manufacturing rubber stamps. There are a lot of ideas to create it. Some of the ideas are:

    1. Vulcanizing

    By utilizing self-cling foam, vulcanized stamps are produced, and it requires a matrix fold to be developed. Though it is a pretty expensive process, you can go ahead with manufacturing in small quantities. The vulcanizing heat press machine helps to carry out the entire process.

        2. Flash-technology

      This is one of the most inexpensive and new stamping technology that has a single color of the stamp. It is pretty unsuitable for creative stamps, but it employs a technique that lets the ink flow through a particular light membrane.

          3. Laser

        Laser is also one of the hi-tech technologies that can be used to manufacture rubber stamps. By using a laser-engraving machine, you can customize your business style stamps, particularly where a customized stamp is required.

            4. Polymer-stamp making

          By using artwork and a UV light source polymer, you can easily customize rubber stamps at home. This is the only process carried out with simplicity and comes at a cost-effective price. All you need is a computer and an UV exposure, and you shall be good to go with making custom rubber stamps.

              5. Hand-carved

            Hand-carved stamps are one of the simplest methods of carving stamps on the eraser. Though it is time-consuming, you can get the best and most enhanced results out of hand-carved methods.

            • Stamp up the rubber polymers

            This is one of the various ways that are used to customize rubber stamps. Manufacturing polymer rubber stamps lets you have your hands on one of the most finely made and professional quality of rubber stamps. To add on, the prices over there are quite cost-effective. This is also one of the most adopted and commonly used commercial manufacturing methods.

            Before you go ahead and launch your own personalized stamps, make sure and pay attention to the multiple ways available. Do your research, refer to the above-mentioned points and make the right choice.