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Essential Art Supplies for Fashion Illustration

As a fashion design beginner, it can be very challenging to decide where to begin when it comes to getting essential art supplies. Here is some advice for you to help choose the right supplies and get a quick start on your fashion design.

If you are just beginning with fashion or clothing design, then it can be very challenging to decide where to begin when it comes to getting essential art supplies. Well, during this process, you will find a lot of suggestions along with lists of items to purchase online. But the fact is you don’t need a lot of things to get started with this.

As per the fashion experts, the first important thing that you will do to become a fashion designer or illustrator is to draw accurate fashion figures. That means you need to discover the body position, movements, shades and shapes. For this, you don’t need to use anything special as a good clothing design or fashion sketchbook will do that job. This will make your life as a fashion illustrator easier, and on the other hand, you will progress faster with the croquis development.

Fashion or Clothing Design Sketchbooks

Most fashion designers use DIY clothing design sketchbooks, and those sketchbooks are their best friends. Most professional fashion sketchbooks come with useful fashion information along with easy-to-customize figure templates. As the templates or fashion figures are barely visible, you will find it much easier to sketch your design or apply colors, DIY fashion tapes, or other things over them. You can record quick sketches of your ideas that come to you during the day. Besides, you can also use them as a general design ideas book. washi tapes are very portable and allow you to carry out clothing design activities anytime. When you have a good idea, you can immediately express it with washi tapes.

DIY tape clothing design sketchbook & fashion design

Some Drawing Pencils

Drawing pencils or graphite pencils are the basic tools of every artist, and they are very affordable compared to other fashion art supplies. With a good quality HB pencil, you can attain a medium strength line, and with an H pencil, you can create hard lines. H pencil can be very useful for technical drawings. For a DIY tape clothing design sketchbook, you can use colored pencils or markers. They can help you paint quickly. Note that when using the water-colored markers, place a piece of paper behind the clothing sketch to prevent ink bleeding.

clothing design & fashion design sketchbook

DIY Tapes With Different Patterns and Colors

These fashion art supplies are getting popular with time as they allow fashion or clothing designers to become more creative. Besides, these tapes are very easy to use. While a clothing design sketchbook comes with many fashion figures that you can customize, using DIY fashion tapes, you can embellish or paint the clothes. You just need to stick the colored tape onto the garment, covering the part where you want to apply the pattern. Then carefully cut out the redundant tape using a paper cut pen. It’s very simple.

Apart from this, you should also get some watercolors, colored pencils and some fashion stickers to show your creativity and create a unique clothing design.

DIY tape fashion design sketchbook & clothing design

Final Words

Even though some fashion or clothing designers use digital design methods, there is still a huge demand for DIY clothing design sketchbooks. This is something that can be used by clothing design lovers, handwork lovers, dress-up game lovers or fashion illustrators; such a sketchbook can be your best friend. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now and unlock your fashion creativity with a maximum level of confidence. The best part is that you will find them affordable.